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Real Time Trade Alerts

Trade alerts are sent to members using email, SMS text and push notification real time. Positions are posted on our trade alert platform. You will be advised of price targets, stop loss points and trade rationale. This dynamic platform is updated each evening so that you up to date with Bob’s strategy.

One To one Engagement

Engage with fellow members in our Traders Forum and network. This is a group of both novice and professional trader providing support and trade ideas to one another.

Live webinars are held to discuss strategy and to engage members using screen share technology to review members chart requests live. We will  also use this forum to hold live training sessions or during times of high volatility to discuss market conditions.

Daily In Depth Video Analysis

Each weeknight, Bob produces and narrates video analysis of the day’s market action, stock trades. He discusses stocks that were added as watch stocks which then leads in to his strategy for the following day.

Each Weekend Bob produces The Week Ahead Commentary strategy session. His video analysis of the charts will layout his game plan for the coming week. First he discusses the health of the stock market. Then he discusses position strategy as well as watch stocks.

Member's Stock Chart Request

A higher level of service for Gold Members who submit their symbols for Bob to review on video. Bob will review for the best risk to reward entry and exit points. This included service would cost hundreds of dollar to hire a technical analyst to perform. Bob believes in providing member value in return for their loyalty and engagement.

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Netted 10k in 30 days

Thanks so much for your perspective. I've probably netted about $10k in the 30 days since I've started using your service--which is awesome for me. Just wanted to pass along my thanks.

Henry D.


I made the right choice. Worth every penny.

Hey Bob,
I have to say I am impressed with the way you strategize. Within the past year I have stopped impulse buying and selling intraday. The saving on commissions alone offsets much of my membership fee. Your insight and analysis are truly outstanding. I made the right choice by upgrading to Gold Level as your bearish analysis on (CMG) saved me countless amounts of dollars. Worth every penny.



Really nice money.

Appreciate your great help in sending the alerts on NUGT. I made really nice money on Gold.

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The Contrarian Trader community is perfect for traders with day jobs. Get SMS trade alerts, stock requests, and pre-market analysis.

About The Contrarian Trader,  Robert Desmond

My name is Robert Desmond and I am the founder and C.E.O. of The Contrarian Trader Inc.

I have a passion for trading stocks and equity options and an even bigger passion for educating fellow traders on how Wall Street works so that they can avoid those pitfalls that most traders including myself have endured during their learning process.