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Bob's 5 Most Powerful Candlestick Trading Strategies

Take the guesswork and impulse buying out of your trading. Replace it with technical analysis. 

What's covered in this series:


Video 1: Three Methods Formation


Video 2: Engulfing Patterns


Video 3: Filled Candlestick Patterns


Video 4: Doji Formations


Video 5: Key Reversal Patterns

The Contrarian Trader, Robert Desmond

My name is Robert Desmond and I am the founder and C.E.O. of The Contrarian Trader Inc.

I have a passion for trading stocks and equity options and an even bigger passion for educating fellow traders on how Wall Street works so that they can avoid those pitfalls that most traders including myself have endured during their learning process.

I don't consider myself a guru; we all make mistakes and get it wrong at times. The key to success is to use Rule #1 "Be Wrong Small".  By being disciplined in waiting for setup up by entering a trade by "Testing The Market" with small initial positions we avoid large losses. As the stock market validates our trade thesis we add to that position as it begins to show signs of technical strength and profitability. The rule that I just shared with you is on a piece of our trade strategy and I want to share the rest of our easy to learn rules and strategies to achieve consistently profitable trades. 

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